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Imaginary Rockets – Modeling, Mocking and Planning (2)

Most people who know me probably wouldn’t be surprised if I skipped the planning phase and just started building a rocket, blindly trusting it would work. Kerbal inspired me, though, and modeling and testing virtual prototypes had its own appeal. I downloaded OpenRocket, and found that on this modeling software, much like in KSP, I … Continue reading Imaginary Rockets – Modeling, Mocking and Planning (2)

Introduction – Space Frogs (1)

I think just about everyone has taken up a new hobby during the COVID pandemic. It just so happens that I spent a fair portion of our time in “quarantine” playing Kerbal Space Program, which inspired me to rediscover my love of rocketry. It wouldn’t be nearly as interesting, though, without a pile of convoluted … Continue reading Introduction – Space Frogs (1)

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